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Valley Boys dancer performs on baystreet Nassau, Bahamas.
Valley Boys junkanoo boxingday 2006 costume Valley Boys costume on boxingday 2004 Nassau, Bahamas.

A testimonial to junkanoo in the Bahamas

The Bahama Islands Junkanoo Summer Festival

Author: M Gravlee

Every interesting locality has their own precise celebrations and indigenous events which visitor flock to witness and the Bahamas are no exception. The Bahamas at first appears to be a passive and isolated location far away from the bustling behavior of the everyday life in the big city. However upon closer assessment the islands are in reality swarming with a profusion of activities and events for visitors of all ages.

It doesn?t matter if you are in search of family fun or various nightlife events, you can find them here in the Bahamas. Each of the islands have their own activities to occupy any idol hours for those who seek them. Water related sports and events are readily available here and you can be assured that you will find some of the finest fishing in the world on any of the Bahamas Islands, diving that is unmatched by any other location, and boating fit for the fussiest of captains.

Of all the events found on these Caribbean paradises, you can find the islands most talked about cultural festival known as ?Junkanoo?. Even the Junkanoo has evolved into an even larger even called the Junkanoo Summer Festival. This exciting event usually runs from June to August and is celebrated concurrently on Nassau/Paradise Island, The Exumas, The Abacos as well as the Grand Bahama Island.

On the Nassau/Paradise Island you will discover all the familiar components that are usually found in the "Junkanoo in June". In addition they have added some additional features and surprises to make the celebration even more exciting and fun. The heritage and cultural explosion that is held every Saturday evening features many local musical talents and includes several theatrical performances, some local cultural demonstrations, tasty native dishes complete with tropical drinks and the Kid?s Camp which is centered around the younger generation.

Additional local events include Tuesday performances of the Bahamian Sketch Comedy groups, a Royal Poinciana Friday Tea Party held at the historical British Colonial Hilton and the National Youth Choir?s Saturday evening Concert.

Junkanoo represents Bahamas greatest cultural event scheduled for the year. Although known worldwide and familiar to many this event is strictly about the Bahamas and covers various aspects of this distinct cultural exponent.

Each of the major Junkanoo groups derives their funds from corporate sponsors. Of particular interest is the huge cost associated with this event which is usually upwards of $40,000 to $100,000. Many local corporations provide both financial and other support for the activities. These companies range from Aquapure Water Limited, Sun International, Shell Bahamas Limited and Colombian Emeralds International.

About the Author:

M Gravlee is a retired newspaper publisher who spends several months a year traveling.

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Valley Boys 2004 winning boxingday 2004 performance in Nassau, Bahamas

Watch the Valley Boys perform their winning boxingday performance. Like the Bahamas in 2004, live junkanoo as junkanoo should be lived.Bahamas Valley Boys video archive

Valley Boys pictures, junkanoo pictures. Bahamas junkanoo on its best in full color, check out the costumes and see us on baystreet in the Bahamas Bahamas junkanoo and Valley Boys pictures

Boxingday 2008 Bahamas. The Valley Boys take baystreet, light camera action. Bahamas, Boxingday 2008. Valley Boys line up

Another testimonial to junkanoo in the Bahamas

Street Parade

Junkanoo Street Parade
By Sunil Tanna
Junkanoo is a street parade with music, dance, and complex and colorful costumes, that is held throughout the Bahamas. The music is infectious, often African inspired, and is largely made using instruments created in the Bahamas. Likewise tremendous attention and effort is paid to creating stunning costumes, many of which are created with painstaking attention to detail.
Junkanoo parades take place in many Bahamian towns, the largest takes place in the islands' capital, Nassau. The parades are held on Boxing Day (December 26th), New Year's Day (January 1st), and, and in some parts of the Bahamas, in summer as well.
The origins of Junkanoo are not entirely clear and remain a matter of some debate. Some people say that the name derives from "John Canoe", who was an African prince and slave trader of the 17th century, and who is reputed to have outwitted the English and Dutch, and thus become a hero to slaves. What is definitely known is the days for celebrating Junkanoo coincide with two of three traditional annual holidays given to slaves (these traditional holidays were December 25th, December 26th, and January 1st). Additionally, similarly named holidays ("Jonkonnu" or "John Canoe" in Jamaica, "John Canoe" in Belize, and "John Kuner" in North Carolina).
For many people, Junkanoo are one of the best known aspects of Bahamian culture. This is in no small part due to the fact that. Junkanoo parades have featured in a number of high profile movies. Such movies include the James Bond film Thunderball, as well as the films, After the Sunset, and Jaws - The Revenge.
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